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Hi! I'm Jack.

Sitting at the cross-section of problem- solving and human development, decision-making is critical to personal success. But it’s often misunderstood, creating anxiety and contributing to performance issues.

Having conducted thousands of executive interviews as a risk management expert, I found many leaders struggled with making important decisions because they were never given the training or tools for making decisions confidently and at the speed their job requires.

I haven’t just seen this issue. I’ve lived through it.

Early in my career, I was presented with a situation that could have had severe consequences for my client, as well as the firm. It was a critical decision, and I soon realized it was mine alone, as the executives around me struggled with making the final decision.

This revelation shook me to the core, and I felt anxiety wash over me. In that moment, I saw how critical the decision-making process was to my personal and organizational success.

This catalyst has since become The Decision Switch™—a proven methodology and tools that transform how leaders make confident decisions, at the speed their role requires.


1. OUR

Every individual makes decisions with the best of intentions, but good intentions don’t guarantee consistently positive outcomes.

We equip your leaders to follow a proven framework that instills in them the knowledge and confidence needed to be decisive leaders who know how to make effective decisions.

We do this by:

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    Establishing individual rapport through a focus on their goals

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    Performing a leadership decisiveness capability assessment, which identifies an individual's awareness and knowledge gaps.

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    Creating a personalized development plan that recognizes the individual’s needs and strengths.


2. Target
Growth Areas

Build more decisive leaders.

We often work with high-performing organizations with a proactive leadership support model that prefer to build leaders from their existing ranks rather than hiring external resources.

Typical coaching clients are:

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    Executives seeking to enhance their operating effectiveness and ability to make confident decisions at the speed their role requires

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    High-performing individual contributors who have been thrust into a leadership role and are now responsible for others within the organization.

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    Strong performers with high potential who lack the skills and confidence to reach the next level and/or execute at the right speed.

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    Dedicated managers who are consistently underperforming due to identified performance issues.


3.How We Work Together

Needs-focused decision coaching

Each engagement begins with a free individual assessment and preliminary interview to establish rapport. A typical leadership coaching engagement lasts about 3 to 6 months, but our engagements can be extended as needed.

Our process is tailored to focus on the individual’s needs and includes:

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    Preliminary interview and assessment

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    A clearly defined development plan

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    Initial feedback and goal setting session

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    Education and skills-development session(s)

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    Ongoing coaching and support model

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    Exit interview and assessment

We can also provide the following:

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    Executive advisory services, an objective advisor who sits outside of the circle of invested stakeholders.


4. Our

Better decisions, better leaders

Upon completion of a decision coaching engagement, your leaders will operate at higher performance levels based on the clarity and confidence gained.

Coaching clients typically see improvement in their ability to:

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    Clearly understand their objective and define a path to achieve their desired outcome.

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    Establish a clear understanding of their role and what actions they should take to support organizational objectives

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    Know the right questions to ask so they can make an effective decision

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    Create a culture of trust and accountability which supports collaborative relationships with other stakeholders

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The Decision Switch

Decision-making is one of the most integral functions of our personal and professional lives. Our success and legacy depend on having an effective decision-making process that fosters clarity, objectivity, collaboration, and inspires others to follow.

However, many of today’s leaders were never taught the fundamental skills required to make effective decisions.

The Decision Switch: 7 Principles of Successful Decision-Making is a proven framework and transformational guide, providing clear definitions, real-world examples, and practical techniques on how to confidently make critical, time-sensitive decisions that produce powerful results.

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