Make Better Decisions.
Achieve Better Outcomes.

Dynamic, culture-changing keynotes that equip your teams to make the right decisions at the right speed.

Keynote Two

Mastering the Decision Switch

Stop hoping and start knowing you made the right decision

This transformative keynote instills confidence and clarity in your audience by teaching them a proven framework for making effective decisions at the speed their role requires.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams:

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    Working in fast-paced environments where there is little room for errors, uncertainty, or delays

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    Seeking to improve their ability to make confident decisions with speed, so they can achieve consistently positive outcomes

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    Who are high-performing contributors but lack the requisite decision-making skills, confidence, and alignment to achieve their true potential

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    Struggling to establish consensus, instill confidence in others, and maintain follow through when making important decisions

The audience will leave with:

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    A practical understanding of the fundamentals of effective decision-making taught through real-world use cases

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    Confidence in their ability to foster a decisive mindset even during fast-paced, stressful, and anxiety-causing situations

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    The ability to make a decision, move forward confidently, and not look back

Keynote Two

Better Decisions
Better Outcomes

The 7 Principles of Critical Decision-Making

This intensive keynote highlights the critical aspects of decision-making and incorporates real-world stories and use cases to help your audience understand how to effectively navigate the complex challenges of today’s corporate world.

This program is perfect for leaders and aspiring leaders:

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    Who haven’t received a formal education on the fundamentals of decision-making and don’t know how to adopt these principles to today’s corporate world

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    Struggling to make time-sensitive decisions that align with the organization's objectives

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    Who were promoted into a leadership role based on their personal success and are now responsible for the result of others

The audience will leave with:

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    An understanding of the critical questions they need to ask to achieve their intended objectives

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    Tools for confidently leading a department or organization in making complex decisions while building collaborative and empathetic relationships

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    The Seven Stages of Critical Decision Making framework so they can properly assess and navigate any decision

Mastering the fundamentals on how to make an effective decision will allow you to eliminate personal anxiety and self-doubt.

Hi! I'm Jack.

Sitting at the cross-section of problem- solving and human development, decision-making is critical to personal success. But it’s often misunderstood, creating anxiety and contributing to performance issues.

Having conducted thousands of executive interviews as a risk management expert, I found many leaders struggled with making important decisions because they were never given the training or tools for making decisions confidently and at the speed their job requires.

I haven’t just seen this issue. I’ve lived through it.

Early in my career, I was presented with a situation that could have had severe consequences for my client, as well as the firm. It was a critical decision, and I soon realized it was mine alone, as the executives around me struggled with making the final decision.

This revelation shook me to the core, and I felt anxiety wash over me. In that moment, I saw how critical the decision-making process was to my personal and organizational success.

This catalyst has since become The Decision Switch™—a proven methodology and tools that transform how leaders make confident decisions, at the speed their role requires.

Jack's New Book

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The Decision Switch

Decision-making is one of the most integral functions of our personal and professional lives. Our success and legacy depend on having an effective decision-making process that fosters clarity, objectivity, collaboration, and inspires others to follow.

However, many of today’s leaders were never taught the fundamental skills required to make effective decisions.

The Decision Switch: 7 Principles of Successful Decision-Making is a proven framework and transformational guide, providing clear definitions, real-world examples, and practical techniques on how to confidently make critical, time-sensitive decisions that produce powerful results.

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